Tape for Nails

Tape for NailsTape for NailsTape for Nails

HS Hot-melt Tapes for Nails are used for fixing nails so that the nails can be used by nail guns. There are two kinds of hot-melt tapes for nails. One is paper tape which is applied to paper strip nails. The other one is plastic tape which is applied to C ring nails and DA nails. We can slit the nails into the size customers need.

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Hot-melt Tape for Nails

Item No Base Material Color Thickness(um) Width Core Size (mm) Operating Temperature
32645 PET Foggy 50±5 ≧6.5mm 76 >150℃
32665 PET Foggy 85±5 ≧6.5mm 76 >150℃
32680 PET Foggy 90±5 ≧6.5mm 76 >150℃
32300 PET Foggy 108±5 ≧6.5mm 76 >150℃
32630-4 Kraft Paper Brown 290±10 ≧8mm 76 >150℃
32620 Kraft Paper Brown 200±10 ≧8mm 76 >150℃
32624 Kraft Paper Brown 240±10 ≧8mm 76 >150℃
32634 Kraft Paper Brown 340±10 ≧8mm 76 >150℃
32636 Kraft Paper Brown 360±10 ≧8mm 76 >150℃