Tape for nails – Fastener type

Fastener type

Roll carton staple

Carton staples are widely used to secure paper cartons and are usually made from copper or zinc plated stainless steel wires, and they are highly resistant to rust. We highly recommend our 32645 clear PET staple roll with thin, light features and good adhesiveness. It allows staples to be rolled up to save the space.

Paper nail tape-barbed fencing staples-2

Paper Collated Barbed Fencing Staples

Barbed fencing staples are made from thicker zinc-plated stainless steel wires. They have the reverse hooks to prevent from being pulling out, and are widely used in building livestock fences or securing the wires on the wooden posts. We recommend pairing staple guns with our 32630-4 kraft paper staples, as adhesive paper tape shatters easily without remaining pieces.

Hog Ring Staples: C Type, D Type, M Type

The most commonly-used hog ring staples is the C type. When used with a hog ring piler, the staple would become a circle and it can hook on the multiple points for positioning. They are often used in mattress springs, car seats, chick coops…etc. We recommend our 32665 clear PET staples tape for the good features of strong adhesiveness, no nail jamming or stripping.

34° DA Style Angled Finish Nails

The 34° DA style angled finished nail secures all nails with PET tape into a row that are mainly used in the frame of the wooden building, such as structural framing, floor framing or roof framing. We recommend using our 32300 clear PET nail tape. The normal specification of the width is 8mm which is very narrow, but it can still firmly provide ample adhesive power in securing nails.

34° Paper Strip Nails

The 34° paper strip nails secure all nails with paper tape into strips that are mainly used in wooden construction framing, such as structural framing, floor framing, or roof framing. We recommend pairing our series of the kraft paper tape with thickness ranging from 200-360um, as it is easy to break while shooting. Its smooth feeding minimizes leftover adhesive and jamming.

Steel Strip Brad Nails(ST Nails)

Steel strip brad nails (ST Nails) have smooth finish with sharp nail heads to nail into the wood or concrete. Because of their long-lasting, rigid, and rust resistant, they could be used in contacting with primary materials directly. Also, they can work with plywood, wooden beams or wooden keels of decoration industry for setting connection. We recommend using our 32300 clear PET nail tape which features for its adhesiveness, no-jamming, and no-stripping.

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