Copywriting for banding tapes

Copywriting for banding tapes

Housewell plays a significant role in reducing packaging materials

With the rise of global environmental awareness, the issue of plastic waste pollution attracts constant attention, and the large amount of plastic wastes is mainly due to excessive packaging. (Experts stress that 42% of the plastics produced worldwide are used for packaging.)

The European Union adopted the Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy in 2018, requiring all plastic packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2030, and formulated restrictions on disposable and marine plastics.

Therefore, the simplification of plastic packaging materials will be a major trend. Housewell’s banding tapes have become the new favorites of the packaging industry. They can easily bundle several products without using shrink film or plastic bags, which greatly reduces packaging materials, thus achieving simplified packaging.

At present, Housewell has invented the banding tapes made of kraft paper and PP, which can be used with automatic or semi-automatic strapping machines, fast and convenient. Additionally, they support customized printing. After all, the well-designed banding tapes will improve your brand value!

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