Hot Melt Tape For Nails

The Choice of Top 10 Global Nails FactoriesHS Hot-melt Tapes for Nails are used for fixing nails so that the nails can be used by nail guns.

Global Marketing​

We have profound experience of export, the fastest quotation and replying in a day. Having hundreds of partners from whole world, always concerning the efficiency and the service.​

25 Million Meter Export/ yr​

The tapes are produced more than Twenty-five Million meters per year. The length of tapes exported can surround the earth 7 times. No worries about the quantity. We have absolute confidence to satisfy your need.

High Customer Satisfaction

We have acquired the high assessment from most of key leaders in the industry, always being honest, enthusiastic and positive attitude to face our partners. Displaying service spirit for the partners is ultimately goal for House Well.

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Strong adhesion

We provide strong adhesion nail tape that fastens securely with no nail drops. thin strip but strong grip.

Easy Break-off

Why is easy to pull apart? The key point is because the layer material has an outstanding tensile strength.

No left-overs

when using a nail guns, the most important thing is shooting smoothly. Our tapes not only adhere to your nail smoothly, but also let your customers shoot the nail smoothly.



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What Our Clients Say

We are a manufacturer of C-rings. The adhesives used on the nails are excellent. Whether it is their core or adhesive, everything operated smoothly in our machine, which increased our productivity and efficiency. House-Well is great, and it has made our products even better.

Mr. Strange
With 7 hours of time difference and 1 month of maritime shipping, we were initially concerned that the nail tape may be compromised during transit. However, upon receipt, we realized that the packaging was done well with quality packing material used to prevent moisture damage. After this order, my fears are allayed, and our satisfaction level increases greatly.

Mrs. Chandak
Unbelievable customization ability! After contacting numerous suppliers, House-Well is the one that I am happiest with. I was pleasantly surprised from sample making to the shipping process. How can a supplier move so quickly? After testing, the quality did not fluctuate with customized thickness. Moreover, our customers have responded that the nailing processes are very smooth with no jams. House-Well not only solved our production issues, they also helped us solve the problems of our customers.

Mr. Radice
General Manager

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Tape Graphic Design

Printing on the tapes is a way to show and enhance your brand reputation. Providing the suggestion of the best layout design is an important point in House Well spirit. We not only sell the product, but help your sales growing and enhancing your brand prestige.

Fast Sample

Why we are fast? We would like to shorten your waiting time, helping you to reduce the switching cost with paying the smallest price because we all know that TIME IS MONEY.

Multiple Payment

It is a trend to pay more convenient. We concern it. No matter you locate in suburb or city. The multiple payments make you pay at the office or home, easy way to save time to the bank.

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