Silicone Release Films​

Silicone Release Films

Item No.Base MaterialColorThickness (μm)Release ForceSubsequent Adhesion
Extra FreePETTransparent / Red / Yellow / Green25~10010g≧90%
FreePETTransparent / Red / Yellow / Green25~10010~15g≧90%
StandardPETTransparent / Red / Yellow / Green25~10030~50g≧90%
TightPETTransparent / Red / Yellow / Green25~10060~90g≧90%

Our company is pushing OCA, MLCC, and graphite film cutting. Our Release Film is known for its precise and stable release force. We produce our release films with special formula and reliable coating process. Our high quality release films have been successfully applied to all kinds of PSA tapes. We can slit the film into the size customers required.

Test Conditions:
Tape: Nitto 31B
Peeling Angle: 180°
Peeling Speed: 300mm/min