It is easy to recycle Housewell’s paper banding tape without a burden!
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It is easy to recycle Housewell’s paper banding tape without a burden!

In order to maintain a good environment and protect the earth, a host of countries have announced policies on the plastic reduction or restriction in recent years. Non-governmental organizations, business organizations, and environmentalists all over the world have advocated the concept of reducing the use of disposable plastics through specific measures.

A large number of plastic products are consumed by the packaging industry. At present, the coated paper is the material that is most widely used to replace plastic packaging, which not only reduces the amount of plastic but also features both oil and water proof. However, the recycling of these products made of coated paper such as paper box packages, aluminum foil packages, various paper tableware, etc., becomes a new issue. Fortunately, many companies engaged in the recycling business across the world constantly improve their techniques, and now the coated paper can be recycled in most countries.

Housewell’s banding tape also adopt a similar structure: kraft paper banding tape+ coated paper

Lientai, the only manufacturer in Taiwan that can recycle 100% paper containers, has confirmed that it is feasible to recycle the Housewell’s paper banding tape, and the current technology can separate the kraft paper banding tape from the coated paper.

It means that the use of Housewell’s paper banding tape not only reduces the amount of plastic packaging but also facilitates recycling without resulting in environmental burdens!

According to the original packaging of your products, you can choose Housewell’s white or brown banding tape. Additionally, we provide customized LOGO or slogan and other information, making the product packaging simple, beautiful, and environmentally friendly!

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