Banding Tape – Brand of machine

Brand of machine


Kaixun KX-ZB6A

This petite model with minimal desktop footprint is designed for banding currency (stack of 1000 bills). We recommend pairing this machine with our 32601LL white kraft band, made with durable kraft paper, and you will find it is perfect for banding dollar bills. Its matte surface is suitable for either writing or stamping.-

Taipack TZ-888

This Made-in-Taiwan model has adjustable frame that can accept both paper and plastic bands, suitable for all industries. We recommend pairing this machine with 32608 rugged tan kraft bands or 24036 clear PP bands. Both of which have been tested and recommended for using by the equipment manufacturer.


Akebono OB-360

This Made-in-Japan model holds high market share throughout Asia with sound quality, is fit for all industries. It works with both paper and plastic bands, and bands of the different thickness are also accepted, allowing customers to choose from a wide variety of bands that fit their particular industries. Most of our product lines are recommended for pairing with this model.

ATS US 2000

ATS US2000

This Made-in-Switzerland high-end banding machine uses high frequency ultrasound cold-fusing to fuse the bands, creating more durable banding materials with no pre-heating required. Ultrasound fuse technology also allows this machine to accept bands with a wider range of materials. Other than that kraft paper and PP band, it can also accept white foam tape. We recommend pairing this machine with our HF24000 clear PP band and/or ATWPP110 white foam tape.


Sunpack WK02-30

This Made-in-China mid-level banding machine is suitable for all industries with its market share ramping up in recent years owing to its stable quality. It accepts both paper and plastic bands. We recommend pairing this machine with our 24025 clear PP band to fuse securely with smoothest feeding without jamming.


This Made-in-Netherland high-end banding machine specializes in food packaging, and can wrap a variety of packaging with different shapes. We recommend pairing this machine with our HF15000 clear PP band, ultra-thin 50um thickness. Banding materials with 1500-meter long spec are available to increase efficiency and minimize time due to the replacements.

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