Banding Tape – Application

Banding Tape Application

Gift Box

Clear bands are suggested for using with the gift boxes, cookie boxes, or other food related packaging. Available band thickness ranges from 50um to 120um. It allows you to showcase the box design while wounding around the box tightly to hold the box in shape.


Banding currency is a task performed daily by financial institutions, banks, and large retailers, while our white kraft band (thickness 100~130um) can give them a good hand for that. It can help easily finish banding neatly with no jams to increase the efficiency while holding them securely. It is available for both matte and gloss finishes. Matte finish is suitable for writing or stamping, while gloss finish is good for LOGO printing.


Pharmaceutical bandings are mostly used to package multiple capsule sheets or boxes of pharmaceuticals. We recommend our 24036 clear PP band owing to its rigid material which can prevent damages to edges of the packed sheets or boxes.


The bands are used widely on various daily objects such as towels, tea bags, and pencils. Most of our products, including white kraft bands, tan kraft bands, and PP bands are suitable for these purposes. We have everything that one expects to find that our thickness runs from 50 to 200 um. All of the materials used in our products can be recycled and reused, very eco-friendly.


Our produce banding fully copes with the global trend to minimize the usage of plastic. Cost effective when compared with traditional bags, it can also save material wastes, being eco-friendly and beneficial. We recommend our 24036 clear PP band to fasten the products securely without bruising.

Printed Matter

Boxes, DM, and other printed items are usually banded securely to avoid abrasion and scratches from the vibrations of transportations. We recommend our 32608 tan kraft band. It can be easily opened without the need for tools, and it can be recycled.

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